MDB is not just an industrial floor installation company. We like to think of ourselves as innovators. Our capacities give us the freedom of executing project of various sizes. From small personal projects to building mega project  of grand scale. We make time to think through the process of installation and marry new methods with our proven systems to better provide consistent professional experiences for our customers.


    We are able to meet these expectations through innovation and a fervent commitment to doing our best, all of the time. Because we take time to think through both our current systems, we continue to develop new ways to better delivery our service. We have the capacity to consistently install products to meet the needs of our great accounts. Additionally, this same zealousness towards innovation impacts our safety as a company. Nothing is more important than our staff’s safety.


    Here at MDB, we are a clan. Not only do we work hard together but we spend time outside of work together as well and that closeness is most important for us. Providing a stable, predictable and safe working environment to our employees is priority number one for us. We want our employees to be productive and efficient but most of all we them to be successful outside of work, which means we focus on giving them fair wages that help them enjoy life.
    Our commitment to customer service shows through our values. Team, safety, and doing the right thing are all foundations to what makes MDB unique in the industry.



    Everything we do is designed to keep our team members safe. Their families send them to us each day and expect them to return to them without harm. Thus we take this fiduciary very seriously.
    Our team is extremely proud that we haven’t had any incidents for over three years and going. Our 2018 Experience Modifier (EMR)  rate is 0.89. We further support our safety value with systems and programs throughout the supply chain and operation. To learn more about our safety values please click here.


    People make everything work well. We pride ourselves on developing talent. This means putting resources towards helping everyone learn their responsibilities and giving them authorship to maximize their efficiency
    Our training program begins at on-boarding and continues annually with safety and skills development. Change isn’t easy for anyone but with our approach, our people change and grow continually thus making MDB a unique and valued workplace.


    Founder, Paul Martin, has been engaged in some aspect of construction for nearly three decades. His vision and passion for customer service seeps from every pore of the company. This vision inspires our company strategy.
    This foundational value is why we are in the business. Our customers expect professional, efficient, and most importantly safe results. These are our specialization. It’s not just a floor, it is a mutual respect and relationship.